EVA 50 foam

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High Elastic flexible Cross-linked EVA foam
EVA 50 foam
Density: 50kg/m3
Sizes: 1mx2m 100mm thick
Color: black

High elastic and flexible,
Prime material,
cross-linked mini cell,
pads, cushion, package, sport, seals etc
Customized shapes available including
All kinds of cutting
Adhesive backing
Heat lamination
Special shaped making
Reference technical Data Report

Properties Unit   s-2000 Test Method
Density KG/M3   49 ±5 ASTM
Hardness ASKER C   26±5 Shore 00 46±5
Elongation Ratio %   350-450 ASTM
Compression Set %   ≤5 ASTM
Linear Shrinkage %   ±5 ASTM
Tensile Strength MPa   0.32-0.55 ASTM
Tear Strength KG/cm2   2-3.5 ASTM
Water Absorption gm/cm3   ≤0.013 ASTM
Compression Strength  25% KPA   55 ±5 ASTM

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