• Business show

    1. For the newly purchased rock drill, due to the protection measures of packaging, there will be some anti-rust grease inside. Be sure to disassemble and remove it before use, and smear lubricant on all moving parts when reloading. Before the work must be turned on a sm...
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  • New Factory Gaoyi Branch launched !

    Our new factory located in Gao yi Hi tech zone,  3 times larger than old factory, 2 more production lines than old factory,with brand new equipment and apparatus we can satisfy more customer’s needs. The pick is a kind of pneumatic tool which is widely used in mining ind...
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  • Culture Drums

    Drum was played every year at the open up day of the factory after spring festival holidays and has already became a convention in Qihong, it indicates good team work among qihong members. The activity was originated when the factory start up, at that time we are in trou...
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