heat laminated foam

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Heat laminated foam
Foam Material options
PE foam, EVA foam, Rubber foam.

optimize function of foam
Surface treatment
Different color,
lower the density

What we can do
Two layer with different material
multilayer foam
Non skid surface with Embossed skins or textures
 Backing with Paper, foil, plastic film, fabric etc
 Maximum Sizes  1mx2m
Thickness range  1mm to 45m Pictures of foam 


Seals and sealant
foam mats, foam pads, protective mats,
Seat and cushions
 Filler foam
 Other process we can do
die cut
CNC mill, wire cut
Heat lamination,multi layer lamination
Adhesive backing, foil backing
Thermo form, butt welding
Roll, round corner, texture
Material options

  Products  Our types  Density Block Size (mm) Hardness Shore C  Typical use
 PE Foam blocks L-4500  20 kg/m3  2000x1000x100 12-17  Heat insulation
L-3500  27 kg/m3  2000x1000x90 15-20  Cushioning
L-2500  40 kg/m3 1250x2480x102mm 27-32  Box insert for tool
L-3000  30 kg/m3  2000x1000x901250x2480x102mm 20-27 Floating, boats
L-2000  45 kg/m3  2000x1000x90 30-38  Box insert for tool
L-1700  60KG/m3 1250x2480x102mm 37-42 Filler foam
L-1000  90 kg/m3 2000x1000x50 47-52  Underlay,shock pads
L-1100 rough cell 80 kg/m3 2000x1000x50 47-52  Concrete joint filler foam
L-600 rough cell  120 kg/m3 2000x1000x50 55-65  Expasion joint filler foam
 Fire resistant grade for options
EVA Foam block S-3000 30 kg/m3 2000x1000x90 12-17  Cushioning,filler
S-2000  50kg/m3 2000x1000x90 20-25  Package,Sports,
S-1000  90 kg/m3 2000x1000x50 37-42  Sports,mats
Rubber Foam Grade density Size in mm Hardness
EPDM0815 EPDM0815 110kg/m3 1800x900x50 8-15 Cushioning,pads
EPDM Foam EPDM2025  130kg/m3 2000x1000x50  20-25  Gasket,sealant
EPDM3540  180kg/m3 2000x1000x30  35-40  Gasket,base
CR Foam CR2025  150kg/m3 2000x1000x50  20-25  Gasket,sealant

 Please send inquiries to phenel@qihongfoam.com 

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