Non skid protection foam

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Non skid protection foam
Foam Material  
PE foam, EVA foam, Rubber foam 
Multilayer, surface nonskid
Maximum Sizes   60*80cm
Thickness range  1mm to 300mm
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Protective package
box foam insert,
Transportation protection
Other applications
Material options

  Products  Our types  Density Block Size (mm) Hardness Shore C  Typical use
  L-2500  40 kg/m3 1250x2480x102mm 27-32  Box insert for tool
L-3000  30 kg/m3  2000x1000x901250x2480x102mm 20-27 Floating, boats
L-2000  45 kg/m3  2000x1000x90 30-38  Box insert for tool
L-1700  60KG/m3 1250x2480x102mm 37-42 Filler foam
L-600 rough cell  120 kg/m3 2000x1000x50 55-65  Expasion joint filler foam
 Fire resistant grade for options        
  S-2000  50kg/m3 2000x1000x90 20-25  Package,Sports,
Rubber Foam Grade density Size in mm Hardness  
EPDM Foam EPDM2025  130kg/m3 2000x1000x50  20-25  Gasket,sealant
CR Foam CR2025  150kg/m3 2000x1000x50  20-25  Gasket,sealant

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