Business show

1. For the newly purchased rock drill, due to the protection measures of packaging, there will be some anti-rust grease inside. Be sure to disassemble and remove it before use, and smear lubricant on all moving parts when reloading. Before the work must be turned on a small wind test, whether the normal operation.

2, generally speaking, in the drill to the automatic oil injector to be regularly replaced, the newly purchased equipment is to inject a certain amount of lubricating oil, in the filling oil must be cleaned before the container and protection measures, to prevent some impurities into the container.

3, the site of the wind pressure and water pressure must be carefully checked. Qualified pneumatic drill generally bear the wind pressure range of 0.4-0.6mpa, the wind pressure is too high will accelerate the damage of some internal rotating parts, too low will directly reduce the drilling efficiency, and can make equipment parts rust.

4, the use of the solder must pay special attention to whether the product has the qualification certificate, for unqualified solder must be prohibited to use, to prevent some construction accidents.

5, in the air pipe and water pipe joint must pay attention to seal, to prevent the loose pipe wall and cause injury.

6. Finally, conduct reasonable inspection on the outside of the drill to check whether there is oil leakage or abnormal operation. If problems are found, they must be solved in a timely manner.

To expand our business , we attended many famous international business show ,Plas Vienam, China Plas, Plastpol, Dubai plast,

We also attended the No.1 plastic show in Germany

K Show 2019 which located in Dusseldorf Exhibition Center, Düsseldor dated Oct 16-23th, 2019, Our Booth Number : 4A017,
With the efforts on business Show, we have win business  allover the world, for example, Italy, Germany, Poland, Finland, U.S.A. Australia, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, U.A.E ...
Our Next stop  Chinaplast,   ChinaM’SIA-PLAS, MalaysiaN.P.E, U.S.A
Wish to see you soon !

Post time: Apr-28-2020