Culture Drums

Drum was played every year at the open up day of the factory after spring festival holidays and has already became a convention in Qihong, it indicates good team work among qihong members. The activity was originated when the factory start up, at that time we are in trouble for business, no income no business, the factory is facing bankruptcy, the boss gathered all people and strike drums to encourage everyone worked in Qihong, tough days was finally over by winning a series of business.

Then after that, when there is a celebration,such as open up production, welcome VIP customers, start up a new big project.  drums play became must-do-work among all activities . 

The pneumatic pick is a kind of hand-held machine, the pneumatic pick is composed of the distribution mechanism, the impact mechanism and the pick rod. Therefore, the requirements of compact structure, portable. The pick is a kind of pneumatic tool which is widely used in mining industry and construction industry.

The pneumatic pick is composed of distribution mechanism, impact mechanism and pick rod. The impact mechanism is a thick-wall cylinder with an impact hammer that can reciprocate along the inner wall of the cylinder. The rear end of the pickaxe is inserted into the front end of the cylinder.

When the pickaxe works, make the pickaxe stick against the construction surface, the other end goes into the cylinder, push the handle sleeve, compress the spring of the plunger valve and connect the vent path, there are many longitudinal holes around the cylinder wall, the air distribution valve then automatically distributes air, the rear end of the cylinder is equipped with the air distribution valve box. Make the impact hammer continuously reciprocating movement, hit the bit tail, broken construction body.

Post time: Apr-28-2020