New Factory Gaoyi Branch launched !

Our new factory located in Gao yi Hi tech zone,  3 times larger than old factory, 2 more production lines than old factory,with brand new equipment and apparatus we can satisfy more customer’s needs.

The pick is a kind of pneumatic tool which is widely used in mining industry and construction industry. But how to reduce the vibration of the pick handle has become an urgent technical problem to be solved by the labor protection department. How to make the pick as long as you want? The following force to tell you the following method.

1. The inner diameter of the air pipe shall be 16 mm, and its length shall not exceed 12 meters. The air pressure shall be maintained at 5-6 mpa, and the air pipe joints shall be kept clean and firmly connected.

2. When loading the pick, check the matching gap between the tail of the pick and the bit, and then slowly apply pressure to the drilling direction by holding the handle to make the pick work normally.

3. When the pick is working normally, add lubricating oil (turbine oil with a viscosity of 3-4.5°E50) every 2-3 hours and inject it at the connection pipe.

4, when chiseling the soft ore layer, do not make the pick all inserted into the ore layer, in order to air defense.

5. If the pick pin is stuck in the rock joint, do not violently shake the air pick to prevent damage to the connected parts.

6. If the filter screen is blocked by dirt, it shall be removed in time, and the filter screen shall not be removed.

7. The pick shall be disassembled at least twice a week during its use, and the diesel oil shall be cleaned, blow-dried and coated with lubricating oil before assembly and testing.

8. If the pick is not used for a long time, it should be removed for cleaning, oil seal and storage.

Post time: Apr-28-2020